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This blog is dedicated to the amazing @DannyRiach and @AnthonyRiach.


Anonymous said: Perrie ne dimag kharab karke rakh diya.

sachi gal !!!!!

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Anonymous said: do you have a 1d fan acc? or is it just this

one of us does, we haven’t got any plans to give it out though.

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Anonymous said: but danny himself said that zayn is 5'10?

well then why are you asking us… use your discretion babes, there isn’t much of a difference - and if there is it’s probably an inch or a couple centimeters



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Anonymous said: do you know how tall the danny is?

zayn’s  5’8-5’7 and danny doesnt look much taller then him so im gonna go with like 5’8 as well. maybe 5’9

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Anonymous said: are Danny and Anthony still friends with Zayn?

presumably so, yes.

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Anonymous said: Hii.Love your blog,I wanna know if Danny and Anthony are single and do they study or work?Thank you :*:*:*

thanks <3 they dont broadcast that & both.  

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Anonymous said: Do they have any other sibling? What is their religion?

we’ve answered this like 200000000000 times an its ON OUR FAQ

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Anonymous said: When is Danny's and Anthony birthday???Xx

check our faq xx

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Anonymous said: Do the boys have a lil sister ?

danny’s mentioned it breifly but it’s not for sure

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Anonymous said: Are they muslime, bc they follow some acc about islam and so on

well yea

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Anonymous said: I know dannys and ants Facebook x :)

so do we :)))))

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Anonymous said: Nice blog :) What made you decide to make one for the Riach bros?

cos they’re HOTTT

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Anonymous said: how do you know the riachs are muslim?

well considering that they’ve tweeted about it and all 

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Anonymous said: Do you know if Anthony Riach still lives with Zayn?


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Anonymous said: Do they have a sister


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